50+1 Free applications for Android essential

Free applications for Android

Here, finally, the essential guide for all owners of an Android. The 51 most useful Free applications for Android and download at all, all for free of course.

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I have included a brief description to facilitate the choice , because, as you know, the choice of application should be serious and narrow : too many applications at once is unnecessary and slows the system even more powerful.

app for Android

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To make reading easier I have divided into various categories applications combining a rough screenshot . I hope you can be useful to know which application is more useful for different occasions.

Free applications for Android Categories are:

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  • Communicate
  • Browse
  • Video
  • Social
  • Music & Photography
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Games

Here we go!

1.) Communicate

Free applications for Android

Free applications for Android, Skype and TiKL

KakaoTalk – Pour Speak. A tool for easy chat and discussion groups.

Handcent SMS – To manage SMS with the best in every way.

GO SMS – To send SMS easily.

Skype – The award-winning VoIP service: why do not you call for free … Even with the phone?

TiKL – To facilitate calls with one or more persons , at ease.

MR Number – Lock telephone numbers and incoming calls: For the paranoid.

eBuddy – Instant Messaging : Connect to all. I recommend it.

2.) Browse

applications for Android

Opera Mini – Opera, perhaps the best browser ever , available for your smartphone.

Skyfire 3.0 Web Browser – The browser most intelligent in the world. They say. We believe you?

Firefox 4 – Even Firefox is available for Android (version still Beta ).

WiFi Analyzer - “See” WiFi networks around and makes the connection: unmissable!

3.) Video

applications for Android

Screenshot: Real Player (Beta)

Hide VaultyFree Pictures – Who takes the privacy of your multimedia files.

Real Player – I’ve never been sympathetic, but it’s done right . Attention is BETA for now.

VitalPlayer – to play all the video in all formats.

TubeMusic – Download music from Youtube easily.

Qik – Famous tool for making videos and then upload them online now.

4.) Social

applications for social
Screenshot: Facebook

Istagr.am – The famous service “Snap and public” . I decided to put it here because it is photo-sharing “, they say.

Twitter – Um … Twitter !

Foursquared – For those who use it. Frankly, I never put beak, perhaps wrongly, perhaps.

PingChat – very comprehensive tool for chatting .

Facebook – For those who can not do without!

HowardForums – For those who have social life in the forum .

WordPress – We need a description?

Tumblr – I have always been fascinated with  this instrument to be tested.

5.) Music and Photography

applications for music
Pandora Online Radio – Hey, if you do not know Pandora : updated !

GTunes Music – Download tons of bytes of music.

MixZing Media Player – According to some, the best music player on the face dell’Android World.

FX Room – Adds numerous filters and functions to manipulate your photos .

Free Music Download – The program most downloaded ever for downloading music .

Adobe Photoshop Express – For fotomontatori of birth.

Shazam – Record 10 seconds and returns all information about the song choice.

6.) Utilities


Screenshot: Google Maps

Google Maps – For those who are lost in a glass of water.

SimpleNote – A Notepad minimal but essential for the forgetful or creative.

DropBox – The renowned service for file sharing is also on Android: inevitable .

Documents To Go – A must for those who work and busy: open any file type, including PDF.

Fancy – It’s a little of everything : weather, clock, thermometer, geo-locator and much more.

RemoteDroid - To control your computer remotely .

AndroZip – To manage all records and files. zip.

Shopper - Turn your phone into a mega-reader barcode . Some people can not do without.

Launcher Pro – The best launcher out there.

Newspapers – Aggregate all the front pages of newspapers. Really good.

BenzinaOggi – With the recent price increases to those who would give up this useful application?

Free applications for Android Security

7.) Security

applications for Security
AVG Free – The best antivirus for Windows for Android. So go on the safe side.

LookOut Mobile – To back up all files on your smartphone.

Advanced Task Killed – Close all applications at once. There is also a paid version.

8.) Games

applications for Games

Bubble balast 2 – Everywhere . With patience, you explode all the bubbles.

Live Holdem Poker Pro – If you like poker , the best free game in this sense.

Paper Toss – Center the basket . Again. And again. And again. E. .. Again!

Alchemy – For small chemical profession.

Antivirus Free – Even smartphones suffer from the virus. Safety First!

Angry Birds – Apparently, quite simply, the most famous game ever for Android.

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Free applications for Android essential

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